Delays and Denials

Not getting a call back from your insurance company? Here are steps you can take to get your claim moving.

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Deducting Storage Fees?

Learn what you can do if your insurance company won't pay storage fees in your total loss claim.

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Diminished Value

How to pursue a diminished value claim on your own after your car has been repaired.

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What To Do When Your Car is Totaled

Steps you can take to try and get fair value for your totaled car. This video looks at some of the flaws in CCCOne Valuation Reports and how insurance companies use these reports to undervalue your vehicle.

CASE RESULT: Progressive Forced to Pay Cost of Repairs

Irvin & Irvin recovered the repair cost that Progressive Insurance refused to pay. Progressive also had to pay our client's attorney's fees in addition to his repair bill.

VW GTI Being Repaired

The Problem with the Collision Repair Industry

In this video, Attorney Andrew Irvin takes a closer look at the issues when insurance companies dictate repairs through direct repair programs.

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