Car Repair Claims

Don't let your insurance company put their profits ahead of your safety

OEM and Safe Repairs

Shortcuts are never a good idea when your family's safety is at stake.

After a collision, following the direction of your vehicle manufacturer (OEM) is the best way to ensure a safe repair. This includes using OEM parts - not junkyard or aftermarket parts.

Junkyard parts and aftermarket parts are generally not tested for safety or reliability. OEM parts, however, are tested and are made by the company that understands your vehicle best.

Safety vs. Cost

Unfortunately, when you make a car repair claim, insurance companies often do not want to pay for OEM parts or procedures. Your insurance company may make you choose between safety and cost - just so they can save money on your property damage claim.

Is Your Insurance Company Refusing to Pay Your Car Repair Claim?

If you made a collision claim or comprehensive claim and your insurance company refuses to pay for:
  • OEM parts
  • OEM procedures
  • Labor rates
  • Safety scans
  • A replacement instead of a repair
  • Other collision-related damage

We may be able to help you with your property damage claim.

Florida law has special protections when your insurance company refuses to pay your car repair claim.

For example, Florida Statute 626.9743(4):

An insurer may not require the use of replacement parts in the repair of a motor vehicle which are not at least equivalent in kind and quality to the damaged parts prior to the loss in terms of fit, appearance, and performance.

In addition, most Florida insurance policies require your insurance company to pay enough to restore your vehicle to its pre-loss condition.

Our Law Firm Specializes in Car Repair Claims

At Irvin & Irvin, we advocate for clients when their insurance company refuses to pay for safe and proper repairs.

We represent clients on contingency in their property damage claim.

This means we never require payment upfront and only are paid if we make a recovery for you.

Under Florida Statute 627.428, your insurance company owes you attorneys' fees, in addition to your claim, if you have to file a lawsuit and are successful.

Whether your insurance company owes you for certain repairs requires a review of your policy, estimates, and other documentation.

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What Our Clients Say

Tom Bergeron
Tom Bergeron
16:10 16 Jun 22
I'm very impressed with Irvin & Irvin and highly recommend them. We were working with a "questionable" repair shop, and Richard helped navigate us to a much better shop, and an eventual insurance settlement that made us whole. They had our best interest in mind through the whole process and it was refreshing to work with an organization that is dedicated to their clients.
Lisa Suarez
Lisa Suarez
20:56 16 Jul 21
Andrew and Emmanuel were amazing. We were getting the bare minimum offered by the insurance company for property damage and depreciation. The collision repair shop recommended Irvin & Irvin and we couldn’t be happier. They kept us informed on the case, aligned on our objectives, provided counsel at pivotal points in the process, and reached a fair settlement. I would recommend them above all others. Thank you, Andrew and team.
Valerie Tarantino
Valerie Tarantino
02:48 05 Jun 20
Almost two years ago I was involved in a very low impact accident that resulted in my car having to get repairs done, something that should have been a quick and easy fix. Unfortunately, I fell into the insurance company traps and all that caused my car more damage than was originally caused in the accident, through bad repairs and negligence of my car while it was at the multiple shops that have those type of contracts with the insurance companies. Eventually, I got fed up with the insurance company games and after much frustration and feeling that I couldn’t “win” against them, I was referred to Andrew.Andrew brought a wealth of knowledge into the case and helped every step of the way and ultimately helped me settle the claim for the repairs that should have been done two years ago. I am grateful for everything that he has done and all of the time that he has invested in the case, even before I officially hired him to represent me when he was generous enough to offer me legal advice. He is definitely the type of attorney that you want to have in your corner when dealing with litigation and insurance companies as he is always frank in his recommendations and any risks involved, professional, and moves forward with the best course of action and represents your best interest. He practices law and ethics and takes the time to listen to everything you have to say and addresses all of your concerns, even if you may think they are silly or insignificant. He understands that the majority of his clients do not live and breathe law or are familiar with the lingo, so he always explains things in a simplified and easy way to digest. His patience is unmatched and although I hope I don’t ever have to need him again, I know that if I find myself in a situation in which an insurance company is not fulfilling or complying to their part of the contract, I can count on Andrew. Thank you!
mark sharek
mark sharek
20:03 26 Sep 19
Irvin & Irvin took great care of my family when our insurance company refused to pay the total bill to our collision repair center. This was almost a $4,000.00 bill. Mr. Andrew Irvin took our case and gor us every penny back. He kept us in the loop of what was going on, and handled the situation in a timely manner. Thank You Andrew for your help and advice.